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Nowhere Circus develops creative travel.

the artist puts in scene its talents, ideas, personal research, creativity, its point of view of life, society, nature, its jokes, joy, sadness, its love for art...
making a show of all its thinking needs hard working of which we can call creation. For this the artists organizes residences, somewhere, sometime, some people or alone, bring together imagination, picking ideas, taking out, finding another in searching, in not searching!
nowhere circus changes simply one data of the artistic residence: the place. We make it bigger, the place is the world. Our projects are in fact moving residences, we walk from point A to point B always in creation process. A show will be born after each one of these projects.





Amiens(fr) - Baña Luka (Bosnia)

We have chosen walking because it is the most human way of moving. The slow rythm of our legs lets us enjoy of every single moment of joy in the way. And, of course, this slowliness makes us go through each difficult moment as well. This forces the walkers to go through its limits, find solutions to get to the objectif. So, for us, it´s the richest and fulfilling, authentic way of truly observing of the worls around us. Getting closer to the work of an ethnologue allows us to tell the reality of what we see and live by our adventure: not more and less.

This, of course, by the circus arts of dance, acrobatics, juggling and all our artistic researches. For the fact of being weigh-limited by our sacks, our research in the moment is focalized in the items we use for camping and transporting this way of life. 

The nowhere circus, the NOW HERE circus.



Fes - Toubkal (Marroc)

Pont d'espagne (fr) - Jaca (es)

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