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Around 3000km of a trip during 9 months crossing France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hogrie, Croatie to finish in Bosnia:

This all due to the strenght of our legs and arms.

1500km by feet, some hundreds on ski de fond! and 1500km on rafting by the Danube.

It´s ard to resume this trip that began with 3 people and ended out in 5 + 1 baby!

the journals of the trip will soon be published in this page as well as a film which is being prepared...

We had the opportunity of creating many different shows in this trip. We found ourselves submerged in inspiration with nothing else to do but telling our aventures lived while walking.

Back in France, we arrived stablishing exponencial experiences in 2 shows which follows:

Bla, Bla, BLA

Musical and acrobatic reading

The books fills us with information? Or do they empty us of our ignorance? Between all the words we say each day, how many are really useful? Is useful important? The books gives answers or asks questions? Are the questions responsible for writing books? Are the answers already inside us? Are you still there reading this text? Bla, bla, bla....
A show inspired by books, life, thoughts vs feelings, humour and music, Charly and Samantha takes you in the ways of their imagination.
Classification : all public
Adaptable for all little spaces!

Nowhere Coco Circus

A live cartoon which mixes gi gong, acrobatics, juggling and pirates in a fleuve of poesie. This show is half the fruit of the trip thanks to the rafting boat (the same that floated in the danube river) and half for the meeting of Coco Circus (Sasha of Lentiourel, a wonderful place in Aveyron)

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