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Les Circassiens

Sarah Oukass,

26 ans. Aerialist, flyer, acrobat. Long story short: Circus.

French and morocan roots. First steps and sumersaults in moroco. Then Amiens and circus. Looking for sensations. Need to meet people. Need to jump. Again and again. Higher and higher.
See things bigger.Further away! Let's circus!


Charly, 29 years old


Juggler, acrobat, dancer, catcher, flyer. Backpacker, runner, swimmer, climber…And many other sports, arts around the movement defines him. He has been jumping all his life, nomad spirit, no roots in particular. Logicaly after, comes travel, adventure. Circus and show unifying those qualities.

Aurélien Rémy,


22 years old, catcher, crazy acrobat, cooker, pancake maker!


Nicolas Descave


70 kilos

cuts wood

22 ans
natural catcher, porteur, escalade and infiltration skills
Hidden in the forest for many years, he built knowledge from this experience and takes meeting people as a quest of evolution in this awkward mix of destiny

Samantha Vila

50 kilos (normally)
27 years old
Exotique personage
Acrobat, flyer, biker
Owns the discipline "law of the streets"
especialist in general
good at nothing, good in everything

Noa Barbier Vila

10 kilos

0.5 ans

Monstrinho gordinho mix of cactus and ice

Singer and charming

Super flyer

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